a bit about me

For as long as I can remember I have been drawing. And, with determination and hard work I became one of the lucky ones who managed to make a living as an artist. I have had the distinct pleasure of working in Comics, Games and TV on some amazing projects. Some of those were childhood dreams come true such as drawing Spider-manand X-Men comics for Marvel as well as a number of their other books. I have also had the distinct honour of being a significant part of the Transformers universe with many comics and art projects along with appearances at conventions all over the world. The years illustrating comics were followed by Concept Design work for a couple of games studios. In more recent years I have been working as a Production Designer and Storyboard Artist for TV on children’s animated shows like Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave and Matt Hatter Chronicles as well as live action shows including Doctor Who and Luther. All this and many engagements as a lecturer and speaker at Schools and Universities. But for me, there is more to do…

I will be sharing news and articles about the work I am currently involved with as well as posting articles about the lecturing work I do and any appearances at conventions. Follow the BLOG for updates on what I am up to and to get more detailed emails about new work, work processes and additional material sign up to the newsletter


Following on from my years working for MARVEL I worked as a Concept Artist in the Games industry. Following that was one of the biggest breakthroughs for me. I got back into comics but in a very different way. A way that gave more choice and freedom. As much as I had enjoyed working on Marvel books I really wanted to have some sense of ownership of what I was producing. Work on a project that was (if only in part) mine. A chance meeting with writer, Jason Cobley at a comic convention in Bristol led to a brainstorming of ideas and an approach to publishers David Fickling Books. This then resulted in the western comic strip, FRONTIER being commissioned and published.

The 8 part tale was published in the anthology comic, The DFC and then collected as a complete work. At the time of publishing we developed a website with more background info and additional story material. You can find all that at TheWeirdWildWest.com

To find out more about getting hold of a copy of FRONTIER, click the button below


Following on from the joy of co-creating Frontier I started to develop an idea that was very much my own. In all the years of working as an artist in comics, the time came to finally write.

HORIZON is a semi-autobiographical journey of a young life. A journey through the ups and downs of emotions that challenge us at that age of ‘in between’. Follow the breakdowns and breakthroughs of Ali as she battles with her own demons (and robots) and eventually learns that there is far more to life than what you see.