‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr Wayne Dyer

‘A fascinating and thrilling journey through the psyche, simultaneously thoughtful and kinetic.’  Dave Gibbons – Comics Laureate
There is a book, which we have all written,  that tells a story. A story of love, loss, fear and separation. Within the pages of the book are pictures and words, thoughts and feelings, but over the years the meaning has become lost. The process of writing the book created a prison. But within the pages is a key, a hidden key, the key to freedom. The only thing missing is the ability to understand the language. When you understand the language it can set you free. Free to be who you really are, free to live your dreams. Free to see beyond the Horizon. — In your dreams anything is possible. The only way to live your dreams to wake up
Welcome to HORIZON. A story of Love and Loss, Fear and Freedom, a toy rabbit… and VERY big robots. Ali is 15. Nothing works. School doesn’t work, home doesn’t work and everyone she loves is no longer there. Then she discovers an access to a place where all the answers can be found. Horizon. A place of dreams, metaphor, discovery…. and freedom.

Do Dreams Come True?

Dreams are something that we all have.  They are an essential part of being human. In HORIZON, writer/artist Andrew Wildman weaves a narrative that draws from not only his long career as a comic book artist but also from his experience of Gestalt dream interpretation and his training in personal development coaching. The metaphor and symbolism in dreams tell us more about ourselves than any other conversation. We already know who we are but our access to this insight is lost as we have forgotten how to understand our own internal dialogue. HORIZON is a story of Ali, a young girl who’s understanding of herself is transformed through her dreams and how she learns to interpret them.


‘An intriguing book that tells a great story in four wonderful dimensions: words, pictures, speech and space.’ Will Gompertz

BBC Arts Editor

‘Wildman conveys subtle but significant changes between the worlds with clean lines and sparse dialogue. His text gives us just enough to understand where Alisanne is both in terms of physical space and ‘head space’ while also creating questions in the reader’s mind. Jeff McLaughlin

Professor of Philosophy, Thompson Rivers University

​WOW! for the finale of Horizon. Very clever, Sir, very clever indeed. Andrea Tran

Animation Director, Collingwood&Co

A story with a significant amount of emotional punch. Universal in its relevance. A terrific piece of work, and one that seems to clearly be a labour of love for Wildman, Horizon is a world everyone would do well to visit at least once. Craig Nelson


so why did I create HORIZON?..

They say that we all have at least one book in us. For many years, during my time as an artist for MARVEL COMICS and other publishers and while working in TV and Games I have had a story rattling around in my head that just won’t go away. It has cropped up many times in many different forms for more than twenty years. The other major interest in my life is ‘personal development’ and for some time I have been committed to find a way of using my experience as a comic book creator to produce something that by the very nature of its content will not only entertain but also inspire people. And ultimately make a difference in their lives. The themes of my various book project ideas have always been the same even if the characters and story have changed. A number of times I have started it, mostly in collaboration with other writers. It never seemed to quite come together until finally somebody asked me why I didn’t write it myself. That was the answer. Do it myself. I had always believed and been led to believe that I am not a writer. Artist, yes but writer, no. But why not? As I began to put together the framework and the plot and breathe life into the characters the story almost began to tell itself. And here we are. A dream come true. Andrew Wildman
‘A fascinating and thrilling journey through the psyche, simultaneously thoughtful and kinetic.’  Dave Gibbons – Comics Laureate — In your dreams anything is possible. The only way to live your dreams, is to wake up.

Example pages. Mostly without dialogue. You wouldn’t want me to give anything away, now would you 😉

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain