I had the pleasure today of giving a talk to the Foundation Art Students at Brookes University in Oxford. Have done a couple of these and they are always fun. Being able to give the benefit of hindsight to the students is a joy. My career has had many ups and downs and changes in direction. All seems a bit chaotic at times but as I look back at some of those moments when everything seemed to change I can see that it wasn’t all just good or bad luck. Hindsight is a wonderful thing that sometimes enables us to see what we would have done differently to avoid certain circumstances. But for me, it is not that kind of hindsight that is interesting. What I can now see, and what I love to tell the students, is that if I knew then what I know now I could actually have caused some of those career breakthroughs rather than just rely on the luck that sometimes came my way. These insights have formed the basis for a new online lecture that I am developing. This will be available on my website or through an online lecturing platform. I told the students today that I was going to use them as guineapigs. Many thanks to them for letting me test it out.

More news on the online lecture when I have had a chance to fully develop it and film it.