Auction Goes Live

Following last weeks little blunder when I announced the Transformers Sketch Auction a bit too early, here they are again. Seven sketches that were the first to be completed as part of the Transformers Sketchbook project. These seven were not commissioned by any of...

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Transformers Art update

Following the announcement of the auction I have had a request for information about which issue and page number these pages are. Attached are images of the pages with the issue number and page number as their file name. Hope this helps.  

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Many moons ago I used to work on the UK edition of TRANSFORMERS. Published by Marvel UK it was one of a number of titles that came out of the London office. At the time I was working on Thundercats but my work came to the attention of the Transformers editor, a...

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Many of you will know that a little while ago I produced a series of (so far) three Transformers Sketchbooks. The sketches were all commissioned by a number of very generous 'patrons'. The project ran on Patreon for a while and the three books went to print. At the...

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For a while I have been meaning to put together a new website. I have been running at least three for a while. Sites that dealt with different aspects of what I do and it was time to consolidate them. One website to cover my professional TV and Film work as well as...

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Recently I was caught inside a bit of indecision. The amount of time that I have been working on the kids TV show in Wales was suddenly going to be cut short. Budget concerns and all that. Staring in the face of only having two days a week of income from that wasn’t...

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