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Film and TV
Most people will know me from my works in Comics. That and the Games industry have been good to me and a lot of fun but, for the last few years, I have been working as a Production Designer and Storyboard artist for Film and TV in both animation and live-action.

Children’s animated TV work includes Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave for Cbeebies, Matt Hatter Chronicles for ITV and the brand new show Shane the Chef for Milkshake!

Live Action TV work includes; Doctor Who, Jericho, The White Princess, Poldark, Luther and The Alienist.

For film and TV work I use the trading name WILDideas. Soon I will be including examples on this website, but for now you can see more about this work and examples of boards at WILDideas.co.uk

Want to hear more?
On this website I am sharing thoughts and images about my work and the processes involved. As well as this I will be sharing updates about the lectures that I deliver at Schools and Colleges that share some of the breakdowns and breakthroughs that I have had during my career that have led me to where I am now.
These are then expanded on in an occasional email newsletter. So, if you want to share in the journey and get a free digital copy of WildLife, a portfolio of some of my work over the last thirty years, just hit that button.
As well as a long career in Comics and Games and now TV I also do Talks, Lectures and Seminars. Using the media characters that I have had the pleasure of working with I enable students and industry professionals to get deeper into what is possible for them in not only their career, but any area of life that they may be looking at.
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The Transformers UK Art Auction has now finished. Congratulations to all those that grabbed a page. Will be sending those out over the course of the week. Currently running is the auction of Transformers Sketches. You can check all the info for those in the previous...

Auction Goes Live

Following last weeks little blunder when I announced the Transformers Sketch Auction a bit too early, here they are again. Seven sketches that were the first to be completed as part of the Transformers Sketchbook project. These seven were not commissioned by any of...

In the beginning, there were COMICS

Although my work now is in TV and Film, comics were always my first love. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a comic book artist. It was that and Disney cartoons that made me interested in drawing at all. With Determination and a good amount of luck, I managed to make that dream come true, and a for a good few years I worked on some of my favourite books including Spider-ManVenom and X-Men as well as a lot of Transformers. And it is this work that I am probably best known for. So if you are looking for my old comics work click the button and you will be taken there. But feel free to come back here when you ever you like.

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To make an enquiry about Storyboarding, Comic production, Convention appearances or Lecturing just complete the form or email me at info@andrewwildman.net

Alternatively, give me a call on +44(0)7803147641