HORIZON – a long way to fall


‘A fascinating and thrilling journey through the psyche, simultaneously thoughtful and kinetic.’ 
Dave Gibbons – Comics Laureate

Note: This is the newly edited Colour version of the book.

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Ali is a 15 year old girl. An age in-between. An age where she isn’t a child or an adult. An age of confusion. Bullied at school and after a row with her mother that she can’t even remember the reason for she sits in her room. Alone. With that dark tension boiling in her gut again. Why is it like this? Why don’t they ever listen? The tears dry in her eyes and she grabs hold of the only thing she cares for from ‘back then’ and may even take with her into her future, her toy rabbit… and falls asleep. BANG! Eyes wide open she is awake, or so she thinks. And then… The adventure begins.
We are then in a dream world interwoven with her daily life. It is in the dreamworld that everything unfolds. Dreams are quite simply metaphor. It is in our dreams that we resolve issues about ourselves and our lives and Ali is no different. The only difference here is that she has a talking toy rabbit to guide her through. And what does she meet on the way? Well, all kinds of things mostly VERY BIG ROBOTS. Ultimately though, she finds herself and that is the point. Her resolution is one we can all identify with as it deals with those very human issues of Love, Loss, Fear and Freedom and what becomes possible when we let go of the things about us that hold us back.


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Creator, Andrew Wildman has long been associated with comics as an artist and more specifically with robot comics. TRANSFORMERS, to be specific. His other interest and training is in coaching and self-development. These two interests have been put together to provide something that seems to be missing in the world of Graphic Novels. A gentle story about real people with some really cool robots that deals with what it is to be human and the only real obstacles that stand in the way.

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